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Carlos Leonhard Woelz carloswoelz at imap-mail.com
Thu Jan 29 17:04:20 GMT 2004

Adriaan de Groot wrote:
>Well, what we do over in PIM land is file the Quality Team tasks as wishlist
>items against the relevant apps (assuming they belong to a specific app),
>with JJ: as special tag in the summary. Then the tasks are easy to find with

This is a great idea.

>Bigger tasks can be documented on the wiki or on pages in the CVS web area.

Currently, the structure agreed with Adriaan for the kdepim module is:

=> general tasks for kdepim: CVS web page.
=> Status of the tasks, team members, implementation details for specific
applications,who is already taking care of what, finished tasks, etc...:

I hope to have something more concrete to show next week, with at least
one application with all status details updated (artwork, docs, bugs,
etc...). And the basics of the quality team web site and howtos finished.


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