changing priorities

Simon Perreault perrea02 at
Thu Jan 29 14:33:22 GMT 2004

Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> May I suggest gwenview as a possible replacement ?

A replacement to what? KView? Why not Kuickshow?

KView is not *the* KDE image viewer. It is not even the kview kpart that 
is used to view images in konqueror, it is the "embedded image viewer", 
or something like that, which has zero features, and which I suspect of 
using KHTML for displaying images.

Adding Gwenview is cool, but I don't think it should *replace* anything.

I agree that there should be only one image viewer in the base 
kdegraphics package, and all others should be in kdeextragear. And 
please, before making that decision, wait until KCDSee is done.

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