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On Thursday 29 January 2004 13:00, Frans Englich wrote:
> While on the subject, so it not gets forgotten; the KUser class in kdelibs
> and kdeutils/kuser's KUser class ;-) needs to get merged and put into
> kdelibs. One day I will look at it if no one else does, but it is very low
> on my priority list..

This is one of those things that might be a good Quality Team activity. It is, 
after all, a matter of: kdelibs gets extra feature X, but all the apps that 
have their own implementations of X still use that instead of the libs 
version. Or apps that could use X don't.

In this case, desired activities are:

KUser's user class -> libs
- - check for compatibility & recompile everything
Use the user class everywhere user info is looked up with getpwent()
- - kpackage does it, i think,

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