[PATCH] drkonqi: s/backtrace/backtrace full/g

Wolfgang Müller Wolfgang.Mueller2 at uni-bayreuth.de
Tue Jan 27 15:21:40 GMT 2004

> But the majority of users doesn't even know what "debug" or "binaries"
> mean, such an encouragement wouldn't make much use. Chris, in this thread,
> nicely highlights that a typical user won't make sense out of this kind of
> stuff.

How about doing things like the Mozilla people do? I mean, just telling people 
that if they use talkback-enabled builds it makes life easier for the 
engineers. The same, you could provide "Debugging enhanced packages" and tell 
people that if they install them, they can provide much more useful bug 
reports that are much easier to fix (or something in this sense).


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