Support for multimedia keys

George Staikos staikos at
Tue Jan 27 20:39:54 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 15:34, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> >    We actually have some of this already in CVS as part of kmilo.  Not
> > all hardware actually has these keys map to keyboard events, ironically,
> > so it's hard to support them generically through a keyboard-style
> > interface. That's why I created kmilo.  There is a generic XF86
> > multimedia key plugin for kmilo.  Will that conflict with what you have?
>  Hmms. Very likely. But I'm not sure I entirely understand what you said.
> There are keyboards with keys that are not handled like keys, so XFree
> can't handle them itself, even if it has/gets keyboard maps for those
> keyboards? That sucks :(.

  Correct, they generally require special kernel modules.  See for instance 
the modules in kdeutils/kmilo/.

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