KConfigINIBackEnd new parser and Request for Change [$i]

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Mon Jan 26 20:23:12 GMT 2004

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On Mon January 26 2004 12:50, you wrote:
> Hallo Waldo Bastian,
> ich weiss nicht wer wirklich zuständig ist, und schreibe darum in Englisch
> weiter ...
> --- New Parser ---
> I recently reported an ugly bug with mmap() in KConfigINIBackEnd to the
> core-developer list. I suggested to remove mmap() and to use ::read() for
> small files. The reaction from other developers was not conclusive.
> Somebody asked for a benchmark. The reason herefore is that it is often
> believed that mmap() can speed up an application by avoiding memcpy()
> between kernel und user space. I did so too - but the benchmark did not
> show a positive effect. Conclusion again: if mmap() brings a problem but no
> advantage (in this case) then let's remove it completely.

Can you publish the benchmark? (program + results)

> If there is any interest I would complete the work and submit it as a
> patch. But I am not shure wheter such a contribution would be welcome.

I always welcome patches but I can't say much about it until I have seen it.

> --- Request for Change ---
> Someone added the so-called options (for Kiosk?) and introduced an
> ambiguity. If "[$i]" is allowed as a special group name to make files
> immutable - how can I name any group "$i"? I suggest two little changes to
> make things clearer:
> (1) "[]" used as a group should read as "[<default>]"
> (2) "[][$i]" should be used instead of "[$i]"
> What is your opinion?

Good point. I think escaping the $ in this case (making it "\$") would be 

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