KConfigXT Flaws

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Mon Jan 26 18:30:55 GMT 2004

Waldo Bastian wrote:
>> - kconfig_compiler assumes "Mutators=false" as the default; this does not
>> seem to make much sense, I'd say the point of a configuration facility is
>> to make it possible to *change* values. IMHO mutators should be enabled
>> by default.
> In 99% of the cases you don't need the mutators because mutation happens
> via KConfigDialog which uses setProperty() calls. No need to generate code
> that isn't used.

Oh, really? AFAIK KConfigDialog can't be used with KCMs, and almost all
kdepim applications use kcms for their config dialogs. Am I missing
something here?


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