An attempt at solving KControl's usability problems..

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Sun Jan 25 18:46:29 GMT 2004

On Sunday 25 January 2004 19:17, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Sunday 25 January 2004 18:27, Frans Englich wrote:
> > On kde-usability I laid a proposal a couple of weeks ago for solving
> > KControl's usability and maintenance problems. AFAICT it still needs
> > to be shot down(explaining why it's a bad idea), and if that's not
> > the case - embrasement. Basically, it needs a thorough review and
> > feedback, especially since it's pretty invasive, affecting large
> > parts of KDE.
> > The best way to get a grip on the proposal is to read this thread:
> >
> > but instead of the files attached to that thread read the updated
> > file attached to this mail. (That is KCM_CONVENTIONS)
> >
> > Attached KCM_HOWTO is an update of kdebase/kcontrol/HOWTO, needs a
> > review and some opinions.
> > In contrast to what the thread says, KCM_HOWTO and KCM_CONVENTIONS is
> > probably best located on
> >
> > Attached TODO could also be of interest - gives a indicator of what
> > suggestions is circulating. (opinions very welcome)
> I just want to point out that we will use kcms to embed the
> configuration of all Kontact components in Kontact's configuration
> dialog. Therefore the comment that kcms shouldn't be application
> specific doesn't apply to those kcms. Of course, those kcms should not
> be shown in KControl (because they have to be application specific). So
> this isn't a contradiction to the KCM_CONVENTIONS file. It just shows
> that the KCM_CONVENTIONS file seems to be only applicable to kcms which
> are to be shown in KControl. This should be clarified (it's possible
> that I've overlooked this clarification).

Yes, good that you pointed that out. I'll add a clarification. Kontact is 
probably not the only case - kinfocenter is another, as well as the 
fictitious "KAdmin"(a shell for admin stuff, such as "Boot Manager(LILO)" and 
"Linux kernel" and other server stuff).

> FWIW, using "KCMs" as directory name isn't a good idea. Please consider
> using "kcms".




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