Tons of questions. And some patches

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at
Sun Jan 25 15:14:05 GMT 2004

Frans Englich writes:

>> > * AFAICT there is clear advantages of having desktop files in a
>> >   XML format. Why is it not so? Speed issues?

> Anyway, to me it looks like a reinvention of the wheel - for example
> fd.o's desktop validator could easily be solved with a DTD. The
> desktop entry standard also invents a whole new syntax, which XML
> easily covers, AFAICT.

You would be right if the code to do it was not already there.  Now it
is, and writing DTD's and inventing an XML format ( yes, XML is not a
format in itself ) would in fact be reinventing the wheel.  


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