[PATCH] important bug fix for KGpg

bj at altern.org bj at altern.org
Sun Jan 25 12:50:18 GMT 2004

Bug 73105 was recently reported and is confirmed. Trying to save a remote file 
with KGpg will always fail without a warning. I cannot properly fix the bug 
without introducing new strings to say something like "saving file failed". 

The best solution I could find was: if the user wants to save a remote file, 
after he clicks ok, bring up a clean save file dialog again, so that the user 
at least understands the changes were not saved. 

I think the bug is grave because it can lead to data loss. But on the other 
hand, remote saving from KGpg editor doesn't seem to be often used because 
nobody noticed the bug for one year...

Should It be committed to KDE 3.2 release or is it to late ?
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