can i suggest a feature?

Casey Allen Shobe cshobe at
Fri Jan 23 21:23:02 GMT 2004

James Henry Maiewski (Friday 23 January 2004 12:59)
> 	Perhaps this question is a bit pedestrian for developers, but could
> someone tell me in which files live the lists that pop up in the composer
> fields (To:, CC: et al.) when one starts typing and address?  I really like
> this feature, but sometimes the lists get clogged with rarely used
> addresses and I would like to edit the lists.  Also where do the lists of
> added spellchecker words live, or, to put it bluntly, what does one do when
> he adds an incorrect word?

These fields, as well as *all* fields in KDE (for most you can customize the 
completion mode - the ones in KMail need to have this too!), there should be 
an RMB option to edit the history.  I sometimes make a mistake in my typing, 
and then it fouls up completion the next 100 times I try to type the same 
thing until I get to the part past the error.

I'll put a feature request on BKO if I remember...

Vertu sæll,

Sigþór Björn Jarðarson (Casey Allen Shobe)

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