KControl leak and changes in some kcm modules

Albert Astals Cid astals11 at terra.es
Tue Jan 20 22:23:43 GMT 2004

Hi, today i discovered some memory leakage in kcontrol toplevel.cpp, it was 
calling aboutData that returns a pointer to a KAboutData but never deleting 
it. I tried to fix it, but then realized that some kcm modules don't return a 
new KAboutData pointer each time. Some return a class member and some have a 
static variable, but the most return a new KAboutData each time, so i have 
looked at the CVS and chagned the few that didn't return a new KAboutData 
each time to do so. Here come the patches.

Can you please review them and tell me if i can commit them.
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