[RFC] bug 70936 - crash while embedding a KPart

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Tue Jan 20 19:10:20 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Andras and I have an 'easy to reproduce' but 'hard to find' crash when the 
Cervisia KPart is embedded into Quanta and one of Cervisia's action is 
executed that would show a tag dialog.
(see http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70936)

We both think that this crash _might_ be caused by a limitation of the KPart 
technology and so it could be of general interest.

The backtrace shows that Quanta crashes in KDialog::setCaption() right before 
the call to KDialog::setPlainCaption(). After some debugging I found out that 
the virtual function pointer of the dialog points to a bogus address and the 
reasons for this is that both Cervisia and Quanta have a class named 

After I re-named one of the classes the crash was gone.

So our questions are:

- Is this a limitation of our KPart technology?
- a bug in the toolchain?
- does somebody have an idea for a global solution?


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