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Mon Jan 19 11:25:07 GMT 2004

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Am Sonntag, 18. Januar 2004 14:25 schrieb Philippe Fremy:
> If  we leverage all this integration correctly, we can really end up with
> KDE as the unifying desktop, the one in which all the applications look
> consistent.
> Are applications going to develop with Gtk for KDE ?
> Well, I don't think so. For somebody who runs KDE as its desktop and want
> to develop for KDE, Qt and KDE are the obvious choices. Especially if he is
> aware of kpart and dcop (and he should)
> People developing with Gtk usually have their reasons like they want to
> integrate in Gnome, they don't want to touch C++ or they only know Gtk. But
> many of them are quite friendly to KDE and would be willing to make
> integration into KDE easier, like the sodipodi author did. I believe that
> if a small wrapper for the main KDE dialogs is developed, many Gtk
> applications are going to use it.

It makes me think if KDE delivers the best possible integration of Gtk/Gnome 
apps, what is the competitive edge for developers to develop KDE applications 
any more? If you can reach both DEs with writing a Gtk/Gnome applications, 
but only one DE with Qt/KDE, you can bet what happens in the future. Think 
commercial vendors.

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