makefile -f Makefile.cvs aborts with compile_kpilot does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at
Sun Jan 18 15:15:07 GMT 2004

Mickael Marchand wrote:
>> Ah, wait a second. These changes to kpilot have been done in
>> osnabrueck_branch. I suspect you are using CVS HEAD, where kontact has
>> already been merged in, but kpilot hasn't. The merge will be completed in
>> the next few days, so for now, just edit the manually.
> that fully breaks the commit policy of kdepim IMHO. (revert ? :)
> (the one which says it has to compile)
> welcome in the new kdepim world.

No it doesn't break the commit policy. Until KDE_3_2_BRANCH was created, all
development (at the KDE-Pim Osnabrueck meeting and afterward) took place in
the osnabrueck_branch to allow new features to be implemented, which now
needs to be merged back into HEAD. This can't be done in one whole swap,
but will be done app-by-app. Kontact has already been merged, the KPilot
merge is under way by Adriaan...


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