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Chris Lee clee at kde.org
Sun Jan 18 10:15:15 GMT 2004

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On Sunday 18 January 2004 2:52 am, Frans Englich wrote:
> Sorry, you're wrong AFAICT. I didn't change the entry's name - only it's
> default /value/. I don't know why George's old settings was not kept,
> perhaps he started on a fresh .kde, dunno.

George specifically stated that the setting was changed on him without him 
starting fresh. The way he stated it made it fairly obvious (to me at least) 
that he didn't start up with a fresh ~/.kde and end up surprised that the 
date was missing - he had specifically said "I want the date in my clock" 
before, and the commit made it disappear against his will.

> No. Sorry, you misunderstand. I don't think the standard practices of KDE
> is wrong, they are fully reasonable. But Dawit says I didn't follow them,
> which I clearly did, but most important - he does so on no grounds. My
> decisions were fully reasonable, George is not listed in any license
> headers in kicker/applets/clock/*, kicker/AUTHORS nor does cvs annotate
> tell anything useful for the relevant files. Dawit says I have stepped on
> the maintainer while there's nothing which indicates so.
> Again, the commit was done by Aaron - I laid the proposal on kde-usability,
> people liked it, Aaron said ok and commit'ed it. During the time, I have
> submitted it to John Firebaugh(which /is/ the maintainer of Kicker) and
> when it was clear Aaron already had commited it - he said OK.

This much was not made clear by your previous emails - instead you chose to 
insult KDE and our developers, and went completely off-topic while doing so.

> The only thing valid in your mail is the comment on my decision on building
> an argument on a kde-usability discussion. But it is nullfied since it was
> approved by Aaron(a core hacker) and the Kicker maintainer.

Incidentally, you failed to mention that you had contacted the maintainer at 
all. And while I'm all for usability improvements, because it's fairly 
obvious to me that we can use them, I don't think that changing the values of 
existing settings for existing application configurations is a usability 
improvement at all. Aaron should have committed a kconf_update script to go 
with the changing of the default value, but that can still be taken care of - 
and unless I'm mistaken, kconf_update should be able to handle this situation 
so that our users aren't surprised by things like this.

> Since you don't know the whole story, just as Dawit, it's not a surprise
> your comments are wrong.

I am quite insulted by your lack of tact in dealing with others here, and I'm 
not surprised that you're finding friction considering your manner and 

- -Chris
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