2downarrow crystalsvg icon in 22x22 is wrong

Otto Bruggeman bruggie at home.nl
Sun Jan 18 00:52:30 GMT 2004


the icon called 2downarrow.png is wrong. It only has 1 arrow in it and is 
identical to 1downarrow.png. This is only true for the 22x22 crystalsvg 
icons. Could this still be fixed in CVS and tags updated since i already have 
my first bugreport from Andras about it. I know it is not a showstopper but 
it is annoying enough that is should be fixed asap. I would have filed a 
bugreport for it but the wizard keeps insisting with current konq that i did 
not fill in the required field "kde version" and this way it gets more 

And what was wrong with bko that is was so unresponsive for the last days ? 
More ddos-es or was the RD (ab)using it's computing power to check if the 
modules compiled ?

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