3.2 review on osnews

Benoit Walter b.walter at free.fr
Sat Jan 17 00:00:29 GMT 2004

Already tried it a few months ago but it did not work because I forgot 
setAcceptDrops(true) :-) I have just tried it again with KRootWidget (in 
kdesktop/desktop.cc) and it works a treat.
Unfortunately, implementing this feature would require to add new strings as I 
don't think we can re-use the popup of the icon view mode... And setting the 
wallpaper immediately after drop without asking would not really be a good 


On Friday 16 January 2004 16:09, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  XDND supports dropping on the root window
> (http://www.newplanetsoftware.com/xdnd/drop_on_root.html), and Qt seems to
> support it. I'm not sure what the recommended way is, but something like
> the attached testapp works (I don't know how kdesktop handled the iconless
> mode, somebody please hack it in ;) ).

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