dcopidl quirk (was Re: DCOP and slots)

Ravi ravi at kde.org
Fri Jan 16 01:36:26 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 10:36 am, Gav Wood wrote:
> class
> {
> ...
>   public slots:
>   k_dcop:
>   void changeName(...)
> }

This works. Thanks, Gav, I had forgotten about these. I'll look into the right 
place for documenting this. 

Here's another quirk of dcopidl which should be easily fixable:

void blah(const QString &name); // ok.
void blah(QString const &name); // barfs with the following message:
// syntax error, unexpected T_CONST, expecting T_RIGHT_PARANTHESIS or T_COMMA

The second form is actually preferable for prople like me who associate 
modifiers such as const or volatile to the thing on the left; it is a crutch 
when reading/writing declarations like this (yes, it's evil):
  MyClass const * * const m;


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