Icon dispute and resolve

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Jan 15 23:49:01 GMT 2004


due to that this seems to be the issue of the week, I've contacted Michael 
Robertson about the issue and the people who are involved in this.

We will resolve the problems about the icons in a decent manner so that there 
are no questions open together with the Lindows people, Everaldo and the SuSE 
people who are involved. Discussing theoretical issues here doesn't help us 
much, we have clear guidelines about licensing and those count for everyone, 
artist, developer, translator or documentation writer. These guidelines were 
made to keep KDE free and redistributable and everyone *directly* involved in 
this needs to agree on them so that they are followed.

I hope that people besides all love for exaggregational discussions come back 
to the carpet and fix bugs instead for 3.2 :) while the other people doing 
icons clear out their issues about icon licensing. We will make sure that the 
SVG files will be included also under LGPL which satisfies KDE's needs.


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