[patch] Making KDE work with (web based) proxy scripts again

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Wed Jan 14 09:30:09 GMT 2004

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On Wed January 14 2004 00:45, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Ok, I asked Waldo to look over this one earlier and got him to approve it
> so I already checked it in, (as I would rather have it working and a little
> unclear than not working and unclear for the release) but if we come up
> with a cleaner solution I'd be more than happy to revert that.
> However, looking at the line you point out:
> if ( m_downloader && url == m_downloader->scriptURL() ) return "DIRECT";
> I'm pretty sure that I see the problem -- the equality operator here won't
> work in a lot of situations because the URL as one of the two (don't
> remember which off the top of my head -- I can only test this at work) is
> usually padded with a trailing "/" and the equality operator will return
> false.  i.e. in our case "http://proxy:8083" != "http://proxy:8083/"
> Tomorrow I'll try to switch the line above to use:
> url.equals( m_downloader->scriptURL(), true )
> instead and see if that fixes things.  (And the above would only work after
> the small KURL change that I checked in.)

Yes, that makes sense. If you use "http://proxy:8083" as scriptURL then the 
http slave will redirect to "http://proxy:8083/" and that one then no longer 

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