Showstopper bug in KDVI

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Jan 12 10:40:49 GMT 2004

On Saturday 10 January 2004 18:34, Stefan Kebekus wrote:
> On Friday 09 January 2004 14:23, S. Wheeler wrote:
> > > some time ago, some a patch effectively diabled PostScript Type 1 and
> > > TrueType ...
> >
> > Yes, that was a goof.  Actually I readded #ifdef HAVE_FREETYPE a little
> > lower, but forgot to readd the #include "../config.h".  I think I
> > probably rushed things since I was annoyed at having had to fix
> > compilation in KDVI several times...
> >
> > I'm attaching the output from attempting to revert the revision from 1.11
> > to 1.12 for TeXFont_PFB.cpp.
> Thank you for your very quick answer. The problem didn't show on my machine
> at first, but now I see the problem that you have. I have fixed the issue,
> and I attached the output of running "cvs -diff" in the KDVI source
> directory. Please let me know if you think these changes are OK for
> comitting at the very last minute.

Yes, well, I think build fixes are acceptable still at this point.  :-)

Things build for me now; if everything works for you as well please commit.


(Also for future reference "diff -u" is the preferred diff format.)

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