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Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Mon Jan 12 00:24:56 GMT 2004

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On Sunday 11 January 2004 6:54 pm, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> Hey Benjamin!
> On Monday 12 January 2004 00:28, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> >I'll let the image speak for itself:
> [Amazing pics]
> >Patch is availble on http://www.metapkg.org/wiki/22 and binaries should be
> >around later.
> That's freakin' awesome! Thanks for all your effort. Do you and Rick plan
> to make KDE/Mac an officially supported Plattform?

Little to early to decide that. :)  At this point we are just working through 
the basics.  After 3.2 we hope to get the application patches into cvs one by 
one as they are reviewed.  (Feel free to review them now of course :)  One of 
the more fun things that was brought up todo was to create a kio that is a 
subset of kfile that will interpret .app directories (bundles) as 
applications just like in OSX so Konq in OSX can launch the OSX applications 
and under Linux you could have bundles and launch them.  :)  Some other not 
so fun thing it getting every app in KDE to have 128x128 size icons (or even 
just making icons for them!)

- -Benjamin Meyer

P.S. I'll be at LWE with my laptop to show KDE on OSX off one of the three 
days (don't know what day yet I am getting off).

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