Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Sat Jan 10 23:01:04 GMT 2004

The projects on kstuff.org are intended to showcase and support
server-related KDE activities. I think we'll see more such activities
in the future.

Projects are supplied with documentation, and of course sources.

The GHNS backend architecture is a first try (and works so far), some
people recommended using WebDAV and download-only mirror servers, this
might well be integrated.
For wide-scale use a dedicated upload/download server will be
unavoidable, even though resource handling can be configured on a
per-application basis. Currently, only korganizer.kde.org provides such
a directory beside kstuff.org.

The web interface for hotstuff is barely usable, I didn't put much
energy into it since there are already nice ones out there (hi
kde-apps.org), and Frank has indicated that he might open the source.
I'm encouraging him to do so. I encourage others to do the same :)
In the end a common set of contributions/sharing protocols should be
available, and this requires as much practical input as possible.

The cvsfilter database has just moved to kstuff.org, currently
subscribed developers (> 20 currently) shouldn't have noticed any

The other services there are mainly due to the planned shutdown of my
living room server, which has happily served hundreds of KDE users in
the past :-)

For KDE, I can think of three support mechanisms:
- a CVS module in which server stuff can be developed. This is
production code, so anything != kdenonbeta would be desirable. It isn't
intended for release however, so an extragear doesn't fit as well.
- a mailing list, unless kde-www is the right place for such things.
- the official main directory service (content hosting not needed atm),
which can still be overridden by distributors of course

My goal is to have full desktop-wide GHNS support for the next major
version of KDE. Patches for individual apps are available and will be
fed into HEAD after the KDE 3.2 release.

This also requires to move libknewstuff into kdelibs from
kdepim/korganizer at that time.

(wearing his josef at kstuff.org mask)

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