Free LindowsOS Download for KDE Developers

Stephan Binner binner at
Sat Jan 10 19:37:01 GMT 2004


Michael Robertson, CEO of, offers all major versions of LindowsOS
including Laptop Edition, LindowsCD and Developer Edition for free download
to all KDE developers as announced in his latest "Michael's Minutes" [1].

Following is the message he sent to the KDE e.V. mailing list:

Subject: Thank you from
From: Michael Robertson <michael at>


I wanted to personally thank all of the effort, skillful programming and
good organization which you all provide. Your work is greatly
appreciated and makes LindowsOS possible. Our goal is to see to it that
your code and Linux more broadly impact the widest possible audience.

To reach this goal we've been working very closely with hardware
manufacturers to convince them that people want (read: will buy) linux
desktops and laptops. This also entails helping create ways for them to
make money so they will consider doing something different then MSWin
and providing the hardware and quality assurance so that their machines
will work well running Linux. Enough about us.

The reason I'm writing is to let you know that we've talked with a few
folks at KDE about coming up with a strategy to make LindowsOS available
to all KDE developers at no cost. Since you help make LindowsOS possible
it seems to make sense. Starting today you can download digitally any
version of LindowsOS (LindowsOS, Laptop Edition, LindowsCD or Developer
Edition) by simply visiting and following the
links to purchase the software. By entering the coupon code:
       <<read instructions how to request it below>>

you will not be charged any money and gain access to download ISOs from
our high speed servers.

We hope you'll appreciate these features:
- Working with common file types (we have a big list at of the most popular including Windows
  Media, Quicktime, Java, etc.)
- Plug n play USB and firewire devices
- Power management on laptops for a broad range of portable via our
  Laptop Edition
- One click software adding/updating via CNR (click-n-run)

Thanks for all the great work you have done and continue to do! We hope
to continue to find ways to directly help the KDE team. If you're
curious what we've done to date, please visit:

If you're interested in reading more about my thoughts on this, you can 
check out: later today.

And finally, here's a true story.

On my last trip to Europe, Fabrice gave me a KDE pin in the Netherlands 
which I diligently wore throughout my European visit. Well flying into 
London from Sweden, I accidentally left my favorite sweater on the 
plane. We called the airline later in the day and told them that I had 
lost a blue sweater. Then I remembered that it had the KDE pin on it. 
Armed with that info, SAS was able to locate the sweater and then send 
it to me in San Diego.

KDE saved the day! :^)

-- MR

Michael Robertson
CEO, <> - World's Most Affordable Choice
CEO, SIPphone <> Inc - Call worldwide for free!

As written you will have to enter a coupon code to identify you as a
KDE developer. Because this is a public mailing list with an archive
it cannot posted here.

If you have contributed to KDE you are qualified to request the code:

- If you have an own CVS account then please contact sysadmin at

- If you are a documentation writer, please contact the documentation
  team coordinator Lauri Watts <lauri at>.

- If you are a translator then please contact your i18n team leader.
Thanks for your attention and to Michael Robertson for this program.



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