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Sat Jan 10 17:16:30 GMT 2004

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On Sat January 10 2004 17:13, Gav Wood wrote:
> > When I select the kcm I get two lists and 7 push buttons that are all
> > disabled. Is that a bug that has been fixed already? How is this supposed
> > to work?
> when you have some apparatus to use remote controls with, it all just
> works.
> when you don't it's all rather dull :-)

So it autodetects such apparatus? Can't the config module be disabled if you 
don't have such thing then? Or replaced by an informative text that explains 
that it is only for people with such apparatus. (Coolo: will there be a 
temporary lift of the stringfreeze after 3.2.0 to correct such issues?)

> > Is the "Add Actions" action needed? There is already "Add action" as
> > well.
> yes; they're quite different in purpose, however i agree the naming scheme
> could be a lot better. again the string freeze prevents me from fixing them
> properly :-(
> (the buttons' text should be changed to something like "Add, Edit, Remove,
> Auto-Populate, Add, Edit, Remove".)

Sounds good. Maybe you can move "Auto-populate" aka "Add options" to a row of 
its own, that would put a little less stress on the horizontal width 

The germans will probably need this since they will without doubt translate it 
as "Automatischebevolkerungsauftragfunktion" or something equally lengthy ;-)

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