KMail filter for fixing mailman breakage of signed messages with attached patches

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Sat Jan 10 14:15:20 GMT 2004


because this stupid mailman bug 
which breaks signed messages with attached patches annoys me like hell 
and moreover makes people think "Bah, another signature broken by 
mailman." for every broken signature even if the message was forged 
(Pavlov's dog), I wrote a tiny perl script which, together with a KMail 
filter, will allow you to (try to) revert the mailman breakage.

The script currently only fixes messages with text/x-diff attachments 
because that's the most common type of attachments we see on the KDE 

Also this script will most likely only be able to fix messages which 
were created with KMail because the script restores KMail's layout for 
the parameters of the Content-Type header.

Settings for the KMail filter:
Give the filter a meaningful name.
Filter Criteria:
 leave empty
Filter Actions:
 [pipe through] path_to_script/
Advanced Options:
 Check only the "Add this filter to the Apply Filter Actions menu" 
 Optionally select an icon.

You can then apply this filter on selected messages via 
  Message->Apply Filter Actions->Filter Action foo

BTW, if anyone feels like helping the mailman developers to fix this 
grave bug (mailman is written in Python) then please do so.

P.S.: Most likely mailman will also break the signature of this message. 
The "good" thing about this is that you'll then have a test case for 
the filter.

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