Benoit Walter b.walter at free.fr
Fri Jan 9 22:52:22 GMT 2004

On Friday 09 January 2004 23:20, Laurent Montel wrote:
> Le Friday 09 January 2004 22:59, Benoit Walter a écrit :
> > I have a better fix for post 3.2 but for now I think the autolock
> > groupbox should be removed from the screensaver dialog. It is only
> > partially implemented and constraints the "Desktop Settings..." dialog to
> > be too large (the minimum height is more than 650 pixels with the Keramik
> > style...).
> >
> > OK to commit?
> No sorry.
> It works now.
> I fixed it today.

But the dialog is still too large and it affects the whole "Desktop Settings" 
dialog. It does not even fit on a 800x600 display!! The desktop settings 
dialog being one of the most used ones, such a huge window will give a very 
bad feeling of KDE.
Moreover, it is not very obvious what the option does, it is not documented at 
all and no contextual help is provided. It would really not be sensible to 
ship it with 3.2.

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