kbabel gettext bugs

Russell Miller rmiller at duskglow.com
Fri Jan 9 14:18:47 GMT 2004

There are a couple of bugs in libgettext that make it fail to compile on 
my system (gcc 3.2).  They're simple, so instead of attaching a patch, 
I'll just detail them.  I'll commit if there are no objections.  There 
doesn't seem to be a separate sdk list, so I'm posting here.

1.)  two #ifs should be #ifdef (YY_MAIN and one other) in 
     common/libgettext/pofiles.cc, this causes a compile warning
2.)  in the same file, class istream; as a forward declaration turned out
     to actually prevent compilation (showed up as an ambiguous 
3.)  the <FlexLexer.h> include needs to be moved before the declaration of
     yy_buffer_state, as that include forward declares it.  Which seems to
     override the struct declaraction in pofiles.cc.

With these changes, kbabel compiled on my system.

Ok to commit?


Russell Miller
rmiller at duskglow.com	-	http://www.duskglow.com
Somewhere in the general vicinity of Sioux City, Iowa.

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