Showstopper bug in KDVI

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Fri Jan 9 13:23:19 GMT 2004

Quoting Stefan Kebekus <kebekus at>: 
> Hello, 
> some time ago, some a patch effectively diabled PostScript Type 1 and 
> TrueType  
> font support in KDVI. That makes KDVI useless for people using Asian  
> languages who often don't have access to (commercial) MetaFont fonts for  
> their languages. 
> The patches were implemented by wheeler (comment "Ugh, yuck.  Make it 
> build.")  
> and removed the lines 
>  #include "../config.h" 
>  #ifdef HAVE_FREETYPE 
> from a number of KDVI source files. As a result, KDVI is compiled without  
> freetype support.  
> May I re-add these lines to re-enable font support before sunday? 
Yes, that was a goof.  Actually I readded #ifdef HAVE_FREETYPE a little lower, 
but forgot to readd the #include "../config.h".  I think I probably rushed 
things since I was annoyed at having had to fix compilation in KDVI several 
I'm attaching the output from attempting to revert the revision from 1.11 to 
1.12 for TeXFont_PFB.cpp. 

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