New version of Panel Clock applet

Frerich Raabe raabe at
Thu Jan 8 21:03:26 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 09:12:49PM +0930, Kevin Gilbert wrote:
> As I've intimated in a few messages in the past few weeks, I've been 
> working on a new version of the Kicker Clock applet. So, with no fanfare 
> and great trepidation, I now inflict it upon all the KDE folks that are 
> brave enough.

Ah, nice, the bloody clock applet has always been an itch for me but not one
annoying enough to make me scratch it.

> Full details are available at this 
> <> page.
> Any and all comments gratefully received.

Here we go:

1.) The tarball has a little unfortunate layout (I was surprised that I
    suddenly had a /home/frerich/src/usr/local/kde3../applets/clock directory)
2.) It wouldn't link for me out of the box, I had to add $(LIB_KFILE) to the
    LIBADD line (since it uses KURLRequester). Also, I had to add clockdate.cpp
    to the SOURCES.
3.) I noticed that you have many QObject derived classes (for instance the
    ClockDate class) which don't have the Q_OBJECT macro (and which hence also
    didn't include any .moc file). This should be fixed.
4.) There are many little C++ style problems, like not passing stuff as
    reference-to-const to functions (i.e. "void f(QFont)", passing constant
    values to functions (I saw "void f(const double)" somewhere), constructors
    which use assignment instead of initialization.
5.) The configuration dialog is a beast, this definately needs some trimming!
6.) It doesn't seem to honour the current configuration file format (I think
    none of my settings have been honoured)
7.) AFAICS it does not employ any of the fine new technologies which will be
    introduced with KDE 3.2 (KConfig XT comes to mind).

That's where I stopped looking. I think this will need some serious cleanup
before it can go in.

- Frerich

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