ioslaves with *any* linux apps -> it works :-))

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Jan 8 21:51:18 GMT 2004


in kdenonbeta/fuse_kio/ you can find a fuse-kio-bridge/daemon/however you 
wanna call it.
FUSE: Filesystem in USErspace:
-> implement file systems in user space (instead of kernel space)
The code in kdenobeta makes it possible to mount ioslaves or a general 
ioslave-gateway via fuse and make them this way available to all linux 
apps :-)

For the impatient: SCREENSHOTS at the end of the mail.

What you have to do:

get the code for fuse:

download the sources for fuse 1.0 , I didn't test 1.1 yet.

Unpack, compile, make install. 
modprobe fuse

Get and compile the sources from kde cvs and compile and install fuse_kio

1. Option:

mount an remote host, e.g. via fish:

fuse_kio /your/mountpoint fish://user@host/

and then browse there with any app you want, open files, write files, 
basically everything should work (of course there are probably bugs)

2. Option:

mount a general ioslave - fuse "gateway"

fuse_kio --gateway /your/gatewaymountpoint

find a remote file, e.g. fish://you@wherever/home/you/sometext.html

replace the "://" with ":__" (two underscores) and prepend /your/
gatewaymountpoint, gives:

/your/gatewaymountpoint/fish:__you at wherever/home/you/sometext.html

and open this file e.g. with OOo writer:

swriter /your/gatewaymountpoint/fish:__you at wherever/home/you/sometext.html

and see what happens :-))

Here are two SCREENSHOTS, see how konqy displays the remote directory using 
the fish ioslave, and note the full path of the html file in OOo swriter, in 
the combo box :-)

The address translation can be done via a script, and then we can open remote 
file also with non-KDE apps :-)

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