Idea for 3.3 ( was: Moving pop, imap and smtp koslaves from kdebase to kdepim )

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Thu Jan 8 14:37:19 GMT 2004

Em Qui 08 Jan 2004 12:09, Cornelius Schumacher escreveu:
> On Thursday 08 January 2004 14:49, Helio Chissini de Castro wrote:
> > Actually here we use to package one rpm per slave.
> > Is a bit agressive separation, but fit very well  in our policy,
> > since apt-rpm advent
> In my opinion that's the most sane way to do packages. You get a lot of
> packages, but that's what package management systems are for.
> > A kdeio module would make this easy to handle and even create a
> > automated script to generate RPM's like we did to i18n packages
> How much do you split up the i18n packages? Have you one package per
> module and language, or one per application and language or one
> KDE-wide per language?

On CL9 we have around 2500 packages for all i18n
To show an example:

 - Docs are splitted per aplication:
And so on..

- Messages are splitted per module:

If someone wats have all lang messages , all lang docs, all lang files or 
insane all i18n, we have mata-packages

kde-i18n-pt_BR-messages = requires all message packages to lang and apt 
installs all

kde-i18n-pt_BR-docs = requires all doc packages to lang and install all

kde-i18n-pt_BR = requires meta lang kde-i18n-messages and kde-i18n-docs

kde-i18n = requires all kde-i18n-<LANG>, so we covered all possibilities

Jus a note, the decision to have per module message files was taken since the 
size of messages per module is inexpressive when compressed under rpm, and 
plit messages per application would generate a rpm with more header size the 
real content. This, of course  not apply to docs in general

Other note about spec fiel, i'm working with sub-specs loaded by macro defines 
on main spec. This allow me to build just the desired langs padding flags to 
rpm or even take the sub-specs for the especifica language and generate just 


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