PATCH: kwallet lockup (#65978/#71048)

George Staikos staikos at
Thu Jan 8 14:11:50 GMT 2004

On Thursday 08 January 2004 08:52, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  compile and run the attached testapp. And make sure you have option
> AllowDeactivateGrabs in XF86Config, 'sleep 20;killall a.out' or similar
> ready, or you'll have to use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. #65978 has a good analysis
> of the problem, let's go to the solution:

    Yeah I was poking around with this problem recently too.  :(  Thanks for 
looking into it.

>  In order to be able to release the popup grab, the app talking to the
> wallet mustn't block in the DCOP call, but must reenter the event loop
> ( I hope the patch lists all cases where the problem can

   I applied this patch back again yesterday.

>  BTW, I think that there can be still possibly some problems with kwallet
> in kded, as it reenters the enter loop when it shows the dialogs. If, while
> kded is recursed in the event loop and waiting for the dialog to be
> handled, some other request comes, possibly again reentering the event
> loop, the calls may get intermixed, with who knows what results. I think
> code in kded, when it needs a dialog, should only show it, setup signals,
> return to the event loop, and continue after it gets signal about the
> dialog being handled.

   Good idea, I'll try that in ASAP.  Meanwhile it does use transactions so I 
*think* it's safe already, but probably less clear.

George Staikos
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