Idea for 3.3 ( was: Moving pop, imap and smtp koslaves from kdebase to kdepim )

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Thu Jan 8 09:56:15 GMT 2004


Instead of every time decide if an io slave must changes place as we have a 
lot of others that can be moved ( moving the current mentioned to kde-pim 
fastly leads someone propose move fish:// ftp:// to kdenetwork and tar/zip 
slaves to kdeutils, makes sense !! ), why not create KDEIO module ?

This will really make sense, since every io slaves could be moved to this 
module, and even the newcomers ioslaves from nonbeta could fit easily in the 
module, without bother to decide if will bloat kdebase, or belongs to another 
From my packager point of view, will be a lot easier to manage small packages, 
and from the point of release KDE admin, will be easier to just 
enable/disable the ioslave subdir on compilation.
Now, from the point of view of kdepim developers, i think that will be a lot 
easier update de kdeio module, than launch the inbetween releases on kdepim 
module without do a huge conflicts in packagers database.
And for a developer point of view, this is enable new developers adopt more 
and more ioslaves to their applications, since now they become visible and 
easy to manage and not force the developer to install another kde module just 
to use and test

Just my 2c

On Sunday 04 January 2004 12:44, Richard Lärkäng wrote:
> On Sunday 04 January 2004 11.06, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> > When discussing the separate release of kdepim we realized that there is
> > a problem with the mail-related kioslaves being in kdebase. We wouldn't
> > be able to release updated versions of the kioslaves with kdepim.
> >
> > To resolve that issue we propose to move the imap and pop kioslaves to
> > kdepim before the 3.2 release. We also would like to move the smtp slave
> > to kdepim, if there are no objections.
> >
> > As KMail seems to be the only program really using the pop and imap
> > slaves it would be much cleaner to have them in kdepim. The same is
> > probably true for the smtp slave.
> The smtp ioslave is being used by libkcddb in kdemultimedia. (Only for
> submitting cddb-information, so it's not that important...)
> Richard Lärkäng

Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Developer
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