Moving pop, imap and smtp koslaves from kdebase to kdepim

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Wed Jan 7 02:39:45 GMT 2004

Frans Englich wrote:
>There's also another aspect of it. Linux distribution which for
> whatever reason do not want to include KDE but only the libraries for
> program support, it will not be enough with qt and kdelibs(think
> situations like UserLinux). Without trying to sound rude, but it
> could be interpreted and IMHO acts like a customer lock in method -
> "in order to build on these KDE technologies you will have to use
> kdepim"(and then a pim suite is competing in the KMenu, among other
> things).

We release the source code. However distributions choose to package, 
it's their business. If they make one whole package for kdepim, then 
using any of the technologies in there will require the whole package.

If a distribution were to install only support libraries, they'd do well 
to fragment their packages. But, of course, that's their decision and 
not mine.

This is also not the issue at stake here, IMO. Where distributions are 
concerned here is the fact that they probably have worked quite a long 
time preparing their packages and dependencies and all that's together 
and this would/could break now. There's a reason we have feature 
freezes for. Again IMO, this is a serious blocker for the move, in 
spite of the all the other technical reasons behind.

I don't suppose the PIM developers counted on having to maintain binary 
and behaviour compatibility with the ioslaves as they will be released 
in KDE 3.2, have they?

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