some questions on xml gui merging

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Tue Jan 6 21:07:21 GMT 2004


I played around a bit with konqueror.rc and konq_iconview.rc
In konqueror.rc there is:

  <Menu noMerge="1" name="edit" >
   <Action name="undo" />
   <Action name="cut" />
   <Action name="copy" />
   <Action name="paste" />
   <Action name="rename" />
   <Action name="trash" />
   <Action name="del" />
   <Action name="shred" />
   <ActionList name="operations" />

and in konq_iconview.rc:

 <Menu name="edit"><text>&Edit</text>
  <Action name="select"/>
  <Action name="unselect"/>
  <Action name="unselectall"/>
  <Action name="invertselection"/>

So far, so good.

Now I moved the undo/cut/rename actions from konqueror.rc to konq_iconview.rc.
Effect: undo/cut/rename don't appear in the edit menu when browsing the web, 
But when changing to my home directoey using the icon view the select/
unselect/unselectall actions appear in the edit menu, but the undo/cut/rename 
actions don't appear.
Why is that ?

I tried the same with the "up" action (removed in konqueror.rc and added to 
konq_iconview.rc) with the same result. E.g. it worked with the action 

Any hints why it works with some actions but doesn't with others ?

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