Qt Cryptographic Architecture

Justin Karneges justin-psi at affinix.com
Tue Jan 6 19:24:16 GMT 2004

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On Tuesday 06 January 2004 09:34 am, you wrote:
> > For SSL, you would use QCA::TLS, which has very similar behavior to my
> > older QSSLFilter (and also Trolltech's recent QtSSLFilter, which they
> > based on my original concept).
>    This won't mesh with KIO very well.

Hmm, how so?  Is KIO more like QIODevice than QSocket?

> > I have written two provider plugins.  One is based on Cyrus SASL2 and
> > supplies SASL, the other is based on OpenSSL and supplies everything
> > else. The actual QCA library itself has no dependency on these
> > sub-libraries. For instance, one could easily write a TLS provider based
> > on gnutls (I figure this aspect might interest you the most).
>    We already have a SASL implementation too.  Is it conceivable to reduce
> it to a more lightweight implementation of just the algorithms?  OpenSSL is
> very expensive to load just to get access to, say, MD5.

Yes, it is only for simplicity on my part that I lumped all of that into one 
plugin.  You could easily make a plugin that implements only MD5, or a plugin 
that implements only hash functions, etc.

- -Justin
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