Mirko Boehm mirko at
Tue Jan 6 19:04:20 GMT 2004

<quote who="Jonathan Riddell">
> I've been playing with KMilo, making a Thinkpad plugin for it.
> It borrows code from your KVaio control centre module.
> I noticed that the vaio control centre module has a problem, the
> toggled(bool) signal from the checkboxes goes to a slotChanged(bool),
> the bool from the signal is only set to true if the checkbox is being
> checked so if it's unchecked the module doesn't think any changed have
> happened.  slotChanged(bool) should be changed to not take or care
> about the incoming boolean.
Hi Jonathan,
this is a bug, indeed... I will fix it soon.
> Also it doesn't have an icon(!)
KMilo in general? Then we have to ask George Staikos if he has any
intentions, I only wrote the vaio plugin.

Any artists volunteering?

> Finally I think the module should be disabled if it doesn't find the
> correct viao library.  The save() function doesn't do anything if it
> doesn't but this is not fed baco the user.
Actually, it does: k t
- kmilod unloads the module of no Vaio hardware is found (if you see
messages about it loading, there should be a "dtor..." message right after
it, cannot test now, I am sitting on a thinkpad :-) This behaviour sounds
strange, but is our (Georges and mine) best guess yet - all modules are
loaded and report if they are usefull or not. Works well, besides some
overhead :-(

- For the Config Center module, I have submitted a patch that again
disables the module if no Vaio hardware is found, somebody had commented
the lines of code for reasons I did not understand. The CC module can
still be loaded, but will display a message and not allow any settings to
be made.

If you experience any other behaviour, please let me know.

What thinkpad models is your module for?

Best regards,

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