Moving pop, imap and smtp koslaves from kdebase to kdepim

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Mon Jan 5 18:37:35 GMT 2004

On Sunday 04 January 2004 11:06, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> When discussing the separate release of kdepim we realized that there is a
> problem with the mail-related kioslaves being in kdebase. We wouldn't be
> able to release updated versions of the kioslaves with kdepim.
> To resolve that issue we propose to move the imap and pop kioslaves to
> kdepim before the 3.2 release. We also would like to move the smtp slave to
> kdepim, if there are no objections.
> As KMail seems to be the only program really using the pop and imap slaves
> it would be much cleaner to have them in kdepim. The same is probably true
> for the smtp slave.

I' working on the cygwin port of kde and we have the target to port some more 
kde applications to attract writing kde applications on windows. 

I like to share a little note from a users perspective. When I'm trying to 
build a new application the the only requirements are at least the qt lib and 
kdelibs, which supports already some io slaves like ftp http gzip bzip2 and 
file.  It seems to be very hard to explain the users, why they have to 
install kdepim to use such basic io slaves like pop3, smtp and so one. (For 
the same reason I'm wondering why they are currently located in kdebase and 
not in kdelibs. This requires additional dependencies, which are not really 
required) This seems to me very important also for to the coming KDE quality 
efforts. rsp kde cleanup.  

KDE on cygwin 


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