[PATCH] remove kcmwifi from startup

Simon Hausmann hausmann at kde.org
Sun Jan 4 20:20:07 GMT 2004

On Sunday 28 December 2003 21:14, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't see why it should run on KDE start, it just wastes time (0.5
> seconds here).
> Please review.

It appears to me that KWifimanager_KCModule::changeConfig might get called, 
which in turn launches (detached) iw/ifconfig processes to configure... ohh, 
now that I think of it, it can't work anyway, as it's not called as root.

The init/create method looks broken to me anyway, as it does not have a 
'return' statement even though it is a non-void function.

Wasn't there a discussion about disabling the whole wifi thing alltogether?


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