Stephan Kulow coolo at
Sun Jan 4 19:40:28 GMT 2004

Am Samstag 03 Januar 2004 11:20 schrieb Brad Hards:
> What determines whether a check is put into
> kde-common/admin/ or into an application directory as
> I assumed that it was if a check was likely to be needed
> by more than one app, but I see checks that are basically kimgio dependent
> in
> The issue is that the checks in are slowing down every
> configure run, and I plan to add another one. Is there any reason why it
> can't be moved into kdelibs/kimgio/
That dates back when kimgio was a simple library and every app linking to 
kimgio needed to link to all dependencies too. These days it could be in
kimgio/ indeed. But on the other side, only a very little 
portion could be, as the test only calls some graphic lib checks that could
be used by other configures and then does a very small check.

Greetings, Stephan

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