[PATCH] support selecting xmlui file in konqy profile

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sun Jan 4 16:52:56 GMT 2004


attached is a patch for konqy which adds the ability to specify the xmlui file 
in the profile file.
This would make it possible to use a simpler xmlui-file for the browser 
profile and a file management-specialized xmlui-file for the (guess what) 
file management profile. I think this might be a big step for KDE, since many 
people claim that "simple" webbrowsers are better suited for many users, and 
with this patch we can provide konqy also as a simple webbrowser.
In order to do this,

An entry like the following has to be added to the profile file:


This entry is only evaluated when the browser is started with the profile. 
Loading another profile with another xmlui file keeps the original xmlui 
file. Ctrl-D and stuff works like exptected (IMO).

I know it's quite late for 3.2, but it doesn't introduce new strings, and if 
somebody reviews it, I think it should be more or less bug-safe.
Finally, if the new keyword in the profile isn't used, there should be no 
difference at all.

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