Regarding kpdf

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at
Fri Jan 2 22:37:17 GMT 2004

Frans Englich writes:

>> Yes, that's what I thought too. Both apps available in the KMenu
>> like this:
>> KGhostView (PS Viewer) KPDF (PDF Viewer)

> Yupp, confusion gone. But that's an i18n change.

For the record, because this discussion seems to be full of wrong
assumptions and miscomprehensions:

The current situation is that both KPDF and KGhostView are installed,
present in the KMenu, and available as an option for all of their
respective mime types.  The Name's and GenericName's are "KPDF", "PDF
Viewer" and "KGhostView", "PS/PDF Viewer".  They are already in a
place where they should be translated, even though KPDF's Name doesn't
get translated, it seems ( but this is a different problem, anyone
have any idea ).

The two options that we are considering are:

1. KGhostView and KPDF both present in KDE 3.2, the situation remains
   as it is now.
2. KPDF is removed because it has too much bugs.  Only KGhostView
   remains present.

And the plan of action is to keep KPDF in CVS until KDE 3.2 is about
to be released.  At that point, it will be decided whether or not it
will be kept or not.

The question whether KGhostView's GenericName should be changed to "PS
Viewer" only, really depends on the above choice, but I don't see how
it could still be changed now, about a month before the release.


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