KDE + Qt/Mac -- how to handle it?

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Fri Jan 2 20:51:08 GMT 2004

Dne čt 1. ledna 2004 16:59 Benjamin Reed napsal(a):
> Simon Hausmann wrote:
> > kdebase:
> >
> > There are a lot of patches to kicker, and 'later' on kicker is disabled
> > from compilation (which makes sense for Mac, I guess) . I think just
> > conditionally (not unconditinally, like right now in the patch!)
> > disabling kicker is better than to also add all the #ifdefs.
> Yeah, I got halfway through and realized there's really no point in
> finishing getting kicker to compile, so I just disabled it.  =)

> > There are quite a few #ifdefs in kscreensaver, ksmserver and kstart. Are
> > those apps really needed on Mac? How about disabling them from
> > compilation instead?
> Probably not needed, no.  Although I suppose kstart could be handy.

 I don't think you'd manage to make kstart do anything useful without X11 
window manager.

> For one thing, anything that's using kstartupinfo is getting #ifdef'd
> out anywhere it's used, when it really makes more sense to stub (or
> reimplement) kstartupinfo; not sure how much it matters on non-x11
> platforms.

 KStartupInfo is X11-specific, I don't think other platforms have anything 
like that. Making it a stub on other platforms would be simpler, there are 
still some places where it should be probably used, but I didn't get to it 

> There's lots of other ugliness, our first goal was to just get things
> working at all.

 Lubos Lunak
 KDE Developer

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