Splitting up the kde modules (was: A humble packager's request: Retire kdeaddons.)

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Feb 18 15:55:38 GMT 2004

David Faure writes:

> On Wednesday 18 February 2004 16:35, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>> By the way, do you and other people also have an opinion on the
>> proposed splitting of the kde modules into app-sized chunks ?

> Yes, and the opinion is: no.

> Think of the mess: OK I need to recompile kmail. Ah but it has a
> dependency on libkdenetwork, I'll cvs update and recompile that
> first. Oh but it also depends on libkdepim.  Oh and on mimelib. Oh
> and on libkcal, which itself needs libical.  Oh and I forgot
> libksieve.  

This can and will be automated.  Konstruct already has facilities for
this, IIUC.

> For development purposes the current dependency chain is much much
> better than any further splitting. There's kdelibs, and there are
> modules depending on it.  Simple, easy.

> I think the splitting should/could be done at packaging time: we
> could provide splitted source tarballs, with one lib/app per
> tarball. I'm sure someone (e.g. a packager) has scripts to do that,
> so if the release dude agrees he could do this splitting when
> releasing. More work for one person, less work for N
> packagers.... 

That's also an interesting idea, but I would personally prefer an
upstream split.

> but think of the people downloading source tarballs and having to
> run "./configure && make && make install" 500 times?  Good thing
> there's konstruct... I guess it would really become the only way to
> build kde from source tarballs.

Indeed, konstruct would become the recommended way to build kde from
source.  That way, it would become easier, not more difficult for
normal users.


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