future versions (Re: [kde-announce] Announcing KDE 3.2)

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Wed Feb 4 20:57:18 GMT 2004


Brad Hards wrote:

>>I haven't heard about the Qt atk bridge again (and afaik it's not part of
>>the Qt 3.3 changelog), that would have been another reason.
> Harry, can you comment?

I'm actively developing it on Qt 4 and porting it to Qt 3.3 in my spare 
time (which is not much and requires crude hacks :( ), a snapshot can be 
found at http://trolls.troll.no/~harald/accessibility/. Moving quickly 
to KDE 4 would allow us to break BIC in kdelibs where it is needed for 
the accessibility stuff.

> So 7 or 8?
> My concern is that we wait 6 months for Qt 4, and it takes another 12 months 
> to get KDE 4 into shape.

Development can begin in parallel to the first betas.

>>So I think, we still need to see how much impact Qt4 has on our code base
>>and then we can schedule again.
> Matthias, can you provide some advice here? Any updates you can provide for Qt 
> 4?

Since he hasn't answered: If you compile with QT_COMPAT, most code 
should either work out of the box or require a simple search/replace 
(QFoo -> Q3Foo).

Best regards,

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