KDElibs/win32 merge: How to resolve followin issue..

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Sat Aug 28 19:29:20 BST 2004

>>No, it's MSVC...: not only me use this one (v 6.0), it's quite large
> MSVC6.0 is pretty much beyond hope, IMHO. Just the broken for-loop scoping
> is a disaster (IIRC, the #define workaround can cause problems sometimes),
> and its template support is pretty much non-existing.

The fact is that, up to now, all workarounds for msvc worked. I must agree 
that there are now few problems that cannot be solved by just defines. SO, 
I'll try to check msvc7, others will do the same later at least with borland 
c++ and mingw.

>>user/developer base, also in enterprises, who like to simply use kdelibs,
>>compile them in 8 minutes instead of 2 hours, debug more easily, etc. :)
>>Update of the whole environment to v7.0+ a) isn't free, b) can affect
>>compatibility with other libraries, these are main problems.
> gcc for mingw is free, and has Win32 API support.

It's not about the compiler's price. It's also about the price counted with 
our time (8+ times faster compiler and faster code, better debugger). I wish 
my words can be not true in the near future :)

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