QCA (Qt Cryptographic Architecture) in KDE

Matt Rogers matt.rogers at kdemail.net
Thu Aug 26 13:37:29 BST 2004

On Thursday 26 August 2004 05:39 am, Szombathelyi György wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm looking for possibilities to extend various ioslaves (SMTP, POP3 and
> IMAP) to allow using more SASL mechanisms (KERBEROS-GSSAPI is my primary
> target). The current KSASL class is not enough to achive this goal, I
> found 2 possible methods for extending the ioslaves:
> 1. Use the cyrus-sasl package directly, maybe creating a C++ wrapper
> around it (and call it KSASL2 or something similar)
> 2. Use (QCA http://delta.affinix.com/qca/).
> Any opinions on which would be the better solution? QCA's SASL plugin
> also uses cyrus-sasl, so is it worth not to use it directly? My primary
> concern about QCA that it seems to not being maintained.
> Bye,
> György

many of the kopete developers (myself) included would like to see QCA included 
somehow in kdelibs. we've already done the preliminary work of contacting the 
author to see if he's interested (and he is). While this is not the thread to 
discuss including QCA, it would appear to be the better choice.


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