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Aaron Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu Aug 26 12:35:54 BST 2004

On Thursday 26 August 2004 05:59, Frans Englich wrote:
> First of all, I assume all references to the "current HIG" is to the
> recently announced[1] docbook replacement on usability.kde.org:
> http://usability.kde.org/hig/

i'm referring to the content. which URL you choose to use is irrelevant.

> I assume we're talking about content here; My view is it would be better to
> start from the current guidelines(yes, actually!) 

since we will need a new format, new content, etc... there's no point in 
starting it as an edit of the current guidelines. the new guidelines will 
reflect many of the concepts (e.g menu ordering) but this is a completley new 

> I assume you mean "in line" comments, like how Implementation Notes in the
> current HIG looks like[2].

no, i mean in parallel, not in-line.

> Putting the "why" in the guidelines is similar to adding a programming book
> to an API reference.

we aren't putting the "why" in the guidelines. we are putting them parallel 
(and therefore cross-referencable) to the guidelines.

> would be rather generic(obviously rewritten) -- I volunteer for writing a
> "Chapter Usability Principles" draft.

i'd prefer to see this done at a later point and with greater involvement by 
the usability professionals that have joined the project that have a good 
grounding in usability.

> have been about 3 threads about it on kde-usability. What are your plans
> with the KUA, considering the other documentation efforts?

i think that by simply going ahead and pretending to represent KDE's usability 
processes, including writing articles that are, quite frankly, embarrassing 
to those involved in the project is not useful and in fact hurts our efforts. 
i have no plans for KUA at this point due to this and due to your limited 
knowledge in the field that is directly reflected by your solo efforts in 
this regard. we have several usability professionals that are getting 
involved in KDE usability and KUA does nothing to enable this process.

Aaron Seigo, currently in Ludwigsburg
KDE World Conference 2004: aKademy

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